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The VICTOR program is the
FLEX variant of the VALIANT offering for working professionals
[8/12 week schedule]


of the IT workforce are ready to learn new skills or completely re-train for equal access to career opportunities
Pandemic has accelerated digital upskilling, but key groups till miss out - PwC survey 2021

Powering Your
Upskilling Journey



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Our Managed Service Program (MSP) service offers full visibility and control of your contingent workforce and suppliers. This includes all temporary workers, contractors, consultants and resources engaged under a Statement of Work.

All requests, vendors, workers, timesheets and spend are captured, managed and tracked through a single process and technology offering an enterprise level view of all activity. To better connect you with the best talent and suppliers and insight, our Managed Service Program (MSP) represent the next generation of workforce solutions. Our focus is enabling your organization to re-imagine your talent supply chain to deliver the right talent, at the right time and cost, regardless of source.

All whilst still delivering the risk mitigation, performance measurement, and cost savings you expect from a traditional Managed Service Provider.

  • Track performance, spend, compliance and supply chain effectiveness to evolve your talent strategy and drive greater value

  • Optimize and automate processes to improve hiring manager, worker and supplier experiences and create efficiencies

  • Improve your organization’s access to skills with new and innovation technology and solutions

  • Help your organization to identify vendors and manage.

Managed Services


Project Recruitment

Growth, seasonal changes, start up, projects or emergencies can result in a one off or periodic increase in recruitment volumes requiring a short-term increase in capacity and ability. A project solutions partner works as an extension of your business that will provide agency scalability, without agencies fees. Project recruitment service enables organizations to benefit additional capability, capacity and expertise at short notice and for a flexible time period without the additional fixed cost or management.

we are able to deploy specialist and scalable teams to meet project scope and deadlines in both onsite and offshore locations. Our technology enables recruitment at scale while ensuring a welcoming experience for all candidates and a robust process for compliance and risk.


Project management from initiation through deployment, to payroll and project close our teams will support you throughout the program


Our analytics and insight enable effective targeting of the talent you need and provide dynamic performance data throughout the project

IT staffing (contract and Permanent)

We provide comprehensive 360° support to organizations looking to expand their permanent and Temporary workforce in information technology


As a leader in providing IT skills and resources, Viva tech uses our market knowledge and expertise to match organizations with the specialists they need.

Our IT Contracting division connects exceptional talent with the right employer, so our clients have the caliber of experienced professionals to work on their diverse projects.


We offer a dedicated recruiting team experienced in volume hiring, to secure the best talent in the shortest amount of time.


Our process increases speed to hire. We establish key timeframes to accelerate the hiring process, so that you can interview the top-tier candidates as quickly as possible.

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